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ARE you that smug know-all, phoning from the safety of your chair, telling media to tell the Commander-in-chief... All-out war on the MILF! Urging the Armed Forces of the Philippines to bomb, destroy, eliminate all those disgruntled, radical off-shoot groups such as the BIFF, whose territoriality is utmost. “All-out” requires the bombing the Mamasapano diaspora where those members are spread far and wide, housing with noncombatant relatives and friends in villages, farms, forests.

First, it is important that you learn from Radyo Patrol’s Edwin Vidal who returned to be interviewed, after days at the Mamasapano tragedy site; narrating what he head, seen, knows. 


Next month, many important people will be in Manila to ask each other what they can do about the unpredictability of climate and abuse of the environment. Ecology specialist-author Paul Kennedy explains the same topic in his book Preparing for the 21st Century. He writes that more than nine-tenths of the anticipated population increase by 2025 will be in the two/thirds world. 

Kennedy sees a problem in the fast breeding habits of the developing countries. The current Pope warned against over breeding too, but the Pope mandates the Romano Catholic Calendar Rhythm only; artificial contraceptives are mortal sin. The Pope has no way of knowing that involving the calendar does not work when a woman’s horny drunk, frustrated, jobless male is there,!

Kennedy writes on the problem in the developed Northern regions which put a much greater stress on the earth’s resources than do the two-thirds world or southern regions. The people of the developed world consume so much more. 

Kennedy: The U.S. had four percent of the population. Its annual oil consumption was a quarter of the world’s total production. The U.S. consumed 6.3 billion barrels of oil, 10 times that of Britain or Canada; hundreds of times that of most two-third world countries which make do with very little. Same imbalance in consumption is true of a range of other items, from paper to beef. 

He calculated that the average American baby represents twice the environmental damage of a Swedish child; three times that of an Italian; 13 times that of a Brazilian; 35 times that of an Indian; 280 (!) times that of an infant from Chad or Hait, because of the American child’s level of consumption throughout its life will be so much greater. This is not a comfortable statistic for anyone with a conscience, he adds.

Kennedy says if we do nothing to stabilize the world’s total population, curb the profligate use of energy, foodstuffs and other raw material, and control damage to the environment, then before very long, we will have so overpopulated and ransacked the earth that we will pay a heavy price for our collective neglect.

Kennedy vs artificial intelligence/robotics. A robot could then do nothing but tighten screws a thousand times faster than humans. Today, robots pilot planes; hold surgical knife in one hand and laser in the other for a successful appendectomy on a living human. 

Upon installation of 850 robots, where there were 340 employees now needs 16 workers in a Japan factory. With robots and weak labor unions compared to the U.S. AFL-CIO, Japan produces twice the number of cars for the same number of man-hours selling at half the price of U.S. cars.

What about countries where millions are without jobs, or work part-time? Where people are eager to be gainfully employed but the economy does not allow for decent employment? What for a robot?

Mahatma Gandhi: “If I could produce all of the country’s wants by means of the labor of 30,000 instead of 30 million, good. Provided that the 30 million are not rendered idle, unemployed and hungry.”

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