Monday, February 9, 2015

Archbishop Arguelles’ message to Aquino


Archbishop Ramon Arguelles of Lipa, a leading spiritual and moral light of the National Transformation Council, has shared with us the following message to Aquino:
“How can you lead us, much less comfort or console us, when you are buried in the quagmire that is your self?
“How can you listen to our cries when you are deafened by the wailings of your own fears and unforgiveness?
“How can you weep when your eyes mirror your hardened heart and tears can no longer fall from them?
“How can you pray when your soul bows to relativistic gods?
“How can you pursue peace when your path is hounded by your past that keeps pulling you back and pulling you down to dwell only in the comfort zone of your own ego?
“How can you stand tall when you have limited your myopic view to selfish gains?
“Cry, my fellow countrymen, for our fallen brothers… But cry more for ourselves if we are not moved to right the wrong and bring justice not only for our soldiers but for every Filipino unjustly served.
“Only then can true peace and progress be achieved.
“Let’s unite and rebuild this Blessed Land. Turn to God who will not fail His faithful ones.
“Remember Cory had 22 dead farmers at Mendiola. PNoy had 44 dead policemen in Maguindanao.”

By Archbishop Ramon Arguelles

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