Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Will a coup be good for the Philippines?


WHO will lead the country after a coup? Who will suffer? Can the plotters prove they can run the government better than what we have today? What are their credentials? Did anything change after People Power EDSA revolutions 1 & 2?
After the 2 EDSAS, we now have a complete picture of the two coups, the plotters, and the casualties.
Reading through the newspapers, one gets the impression that such national catastrophe, which is termed a “revolution,” is being blown greatly out of proportion. A painful fracturing of our democracy was nothing sudden or unexpected. It does appear to me though, that we have all gone wild with jubilation in welcoming the so-called “dawn of a new era” without pausing to consider the possible chain reactions that may soon follow. I shudder at the possible aftermath of this folly once committed by the key players and what has kept coming to my mind is the passage in Shakespeare’s Macbeth – “And they say blood will have blood.”
What will be the position as soon as the present mass euphoria in welcoming the “revolution’ in the country fades away?
It is clear that Filipinos have never thrown the weight of their public opinion behind military led uprisings. Rather, they prefer reforms through the rule of law.
Change to be effective should start from us? Too many negative articles in our tri-media destroy the collective faith & trust of our countrymen in our government? Our media tycoons should put reward money for solutions to all our problems especially about graft and corruption?
We have to have faith in God, in ourselves, in the democratic system & these can happen if we all discard our personal ambitions, our all-knowing attitudes that we are experts to solutions. The public deserves better. Let us pray for enlightenment. May the force be with us.
Wilfredo B. Villarama is a former Vice Governor of Bulacan and a former congressman representing Bulacan’s 1st district.

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