Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why the Left fails to get it right

By William M. Esposo
The Philippine Star

Our Leftists will strike at every opportunity to rabble rouse against the President Noynoy Aquino III (P-Noy) administration. At the start of the year, they immediately mounted a demonstration using the new toll fare hikes as their excuse. It mattered not to them that this was an inherited problem and that the judicial process determined the right of the toll road operators to recoup their investments.

This week, the Left is mounting a series of activities that will culminate in their January 22 commemoration of the Mendiola Massacre. The Left had desperately tried to tag our late President Cory C. Aquino as a human rights violator because of that Mendiola incident which is largely believed to have been planned and instigated by the Left in order to undermine her administration. At that time, the Left was suffering from massive defections. Many of their comrades wanted to return already to the mainstream of Philippine society.

The democratic space that President Cory had restored convinced many of the rebels fighting in the hills that the oppression and repression that drove them to the revolutionary path had been removed. They missed their families and wanted to get back to their normal lives. The diehards of the Leftist movement resorted to killing their comrades who have lost interest as well as heart and wanted to abandon their revolutionary struggle. The Mendiola Massacre is better appreciated when seen within the context of the times.

The Left never succeeded in eroding the Cory image with the Mendiola incident. Filipinos felt that instigating a massacre for agitprop was something the Left was totally capable of undertaking. Right thinking Filipinos could not see anything in the Cory persona that would suggest an inclination to order the shooting of protesting farmers. If they failed to tag President Cory C. Aquino as a human rights violator – it is highly unlikely that they can now associate that tag with P-Noy.

One of the many human interest stories during the 1986 People Power Revolution, which ousted Dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos and restored democracy, was about a diehard Leftist who was seen crying copious tears at the sidewalk of EDSA. The diehard Leftist was not shedding tears of joy but of frustration, disappointment and resentment over the fact that their movement failed to wrest control of the government despite their sacrifices during the dark period of Marcos martial rule.

When we scan the Philippine political landscape, the poverty and the misery index would tend to suggest that the country is ripe for revolution. True enough, we have been hearing of analysis after analysis since the 1970s which point to a Philippine social explosion. That has not happened because Filipinos know better than to try the revolutionary route to salvation. That has also not happened because the promoters of the socialist revolution are not only doubted by many Filipinos but are also feared. It is human nature not to trust anyone who is feared.

If you read the political analysis of the Left, you would tend to agree with many of the points that they’ve raised on what is wrong in our country. It is in accepting them as our saviors where a stiff resistance is encountered. These days, you will note that the Left has practically abandoned their socialist rhetoric of the 1970s and the 1980s. How can they still mouth that when China and Russia — the then biggest promoters of Communism — have already embraced Capitalist practices and are profiting handsomely for doing so?
Handicapped by their heavy political baggage, the Left has resorted to presenting new faces — their front organizations. They have a front organization for just about every sector — labor, migrant workers, women, jeepney drivers, students, farmers and so forth. Former Defense Minister Juan Ponce-Enrile once said: “If it walks like a duck, swims like a duck, quacks like duck, then it must be a duck.” Many Filipinos saw through the Leftist fronts and categorized them as the usual suspects.

Caught in this deception of the Left are many nationalists and patriots who have swallowed the Leftist line. Many of them are from the youth sector and they do not have the experience of the Baby Boomer generation to be able to recognize Leftist tactics and ploys. Their idealism is cleverly exploited in order to serve the sinister agenda of the Left.

The 12 years of gross mismanagement under the Joseph Estrada and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo regimes had provided the Left a fertile ground for recruitment, thus allowing them to expand their operations. The Left thrives on a deeply disillusioned citizenry such as what we had during the Arroyo regime. Knowing how they were frustrated by the Cory Aquino administration, they are now desperately seeking ways and means not to allow the P-Noy administration to take off.

The government should monitor very closely these activities that the Left is launching to kick up dust for their commemoration of the January 22 Mendiola incident. Thanks to modern technology and it is easier now to monitor these public activities with closed circuit TV cameras. If the Left could do it before, expect them to consider instigating another incident which can derail the P-Noy administration and erode its goodwill.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Whose Maoists are our so-called Maoists?

By William M. Esposo
The Philippine Star 

The Communist Party of the Philippines-National Democratic Front (CPP-NDF) rebellion claims to be Maoist. If so, then Maoist China should have been their center of orbit. However, a personal account which a veteran political player revealed to your Chair Wrecker and some close friends had debunked that notion.
During the early years of the Joseph Estrada administration, this political player arranged an official delegation to China for representatives of the Philippine government to explore cooperation between the Philippines and China in the area of agriculture development. The plan was to request China to setup sample farm project sites in Philippine regions which will become training sites for our farmers.

On the first evening of the Philippine delegation in Beijing, a high Chinese government official attended the welcome dinner which was hosted by China. During a conversation with the Chinese official, my friend, the veteran political player, informed him that we still have a raging Maoist rebellion here in the Philippines — referring to the CPP-NDF.

The Chinese official expressed surprise to hear about the Maoist rebellion here. “You have a Maoist rebellion in the Philippines — who are these Maoists?” He asked. My friend said that the Chinese official had a genuine puzzled look written on his face. My friend promptly supplied the Chinese official with a handwritten list of the top CPP-NDF leaders.  “I will check on this and get back to you,” the Chinese official said.

On their last night in China, after going through a tour of various Chinese farms, a farewell dinner was held and the high Chinese official also attended the dinner. With a naughty smile and a winking eye, the Chinese official told my friend: “Your Maoists — they’re not our Maoists. They must be somebody else’s Maoists!” The official’s statement clearly suggested that our Left was created by the Right to serve an agenda of the Right.
When we first heard this narration, our initial reaction was that the Chinese could be trying to conceal their links to the CPP-NDF, to protect China-Philippine relations. However, other circumstances supported the assertion of the Chinese official that our so-called Maoists are somebody else’s Maoists. Most notable of these are the following:

1. China has long ceased to export revolution ever since the era of Deng Hsiao Ping when they discovered that they could rule the world as Capitalists.
2. The leaders of our CPP-NDF have never been linked to Beijing. They have sought sanctuary in the Netherlands, a known playground for Western operatives. It would have been much easier for the overseas leaders of the CPP-NDF to operate out of Beijing but they opted for the Netherlands instead.
3. The eminent Professor Emmanuel Q. Yap, a Tarlac native, had always stood by his assertion that the so-called Maoists were created to cripple the real Communists, the original Hukbalahap.
4. China is actively assisting the Philippines in our anti-insurgency program. Why will Maoist China help eliminate these so-called Maoists unless these are not their Maoists?

If indeed our so-called Maoists were created by the Right, it does not necessarily mean that they are still operating these days under the directions set by the Right. They may have started that way but have since taken a life of their own. What is curious about this development is just how many of the members of the Leftist Movement know about their origins.

Pity those poor young and idealistic activists who have sacrificed their lives for this Leftist Movement. They have been conditioned to shout at the top of their voices and decry US Imperialism — not realizing that their movement may have been a US creation. Government police forces that have violently dispersed these Leftist rallies in front of the US Embassy with truncheons and water cannon — did so without any inkling that the Left may have been a brainchild of the very Embassy that they’re protecting.

During the early years of the President Cory C. Aquino administration, a top multinational food manufacturer was encountering labor problems which were the result of agitation instigated by the Leftist KMU (Kilusang Mayo Uno). The minimum monthly wage then was under P4,000 a month. That company’s lowest paid employee was the janitor who made P7,000 a month. Good question — was the KMU really focused on improving the lives of the workers of that multinational firm or to cripple the economy in order to promote their political agenda?

These days, we have a new administration that is determined to implement long overdue reforms. Even the political opposition associated with the previous Gloria Macapagal Arroyo regime is holding back its punches — seeing that Filipinos are giving the new administration all the support.
Not the Left. Right from the start, they’ve lost no time in immediately hitting the new administration of President Noynoy Aquino III. It’s easy to see that they really have no serious issue. It is easy to see that the Left has only one goal and that is topple any democratic government, whoever is running it, whether a bad leader or a good leader.

The Left hates a good leader more than they hate a bad leader. A good leader renders them irrelevant. A bad leader promotes the Leftist cause and swells their ranks.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Through the Eyes of a Filipino

By Hazelyne M. Elgar

Listen to me!
You might think we are a poor nation,
but when I look around me I do not see just poverty.
Instead, I see farmers, back bent from sun up till sun down nurturing the land.
I hear fisherfolks heaving, as they gamble with their lives
amidst angry winds and rough water just to nourish their families.
I feel the weary legs of children from far-flung barrios,
as they cross rivers and mountains and walk for miles,
just to get to school because they still dream.
I see determination in the eyes of street children playing tag
with cars flying past on a ruthless highway
in order to augment their parent’s meager earnings.
In the face of destitution the Filipinos are steadfast. That is courage.
You rebuke us for the graft and corruption plaguing our government,
but when my eyes skim the front pages of broadsheets I do not see hopelessness.
Instead, I am inspired by stories about pushcart classes
and strangers swimming in deep murky flood waters to save nameless individuals.
I immerse myself in news about how my countrymen unceasingly believe in the spirit of unity.
I revel because millions of Filipinos still voted for change.
At times when we are at the receiving end of the world’s censure,
I choose to see the noble intentions of fallible men to help.
In tumultuous situations, when the urge to hold others culpable is difficult to resist
I hear a leader embracing the liability just like a leader should.
In the face of adversity, the Filipinos are united. That is courage.
You chastise millions of my countrymen for leaving our motherland to seek greener pastures.
Answer me this: have you ever listened to how they whimper at night because they long for home?
When Filipinas, forced to work away from their dear ones,
shed silent tears as they lull to sleep infants not their own
I begin to understand what unconditional love is.
You lure away our engineers, artists and teachers with a promise of a good life.
The loving hands of our nurses tend the health of your people.
Do no dare ask why we need to fill the void in your labor force!
The Overseas Filipino Worker is intelligent, ingenious, hard working and resilient.
I see that, and in my eyes they are heroes.
In the face of obligation, the Filipinos are self-sacrificing. That is courage.
You are at liberty to express your opinion about my country,
but you can never take away my pride, for I belong to a people united in faith and love.
I am Filipino, and no matter where I go I will always be one.
I do not doubt that the time for change will one day come for the Philippines.
Our flag, cast in the sun’s glorious light, will be waving high.
My countrymen’s sacrifices will not be in vain. We will face the future with courage.
As one, we will reach out to the world and the world will embrace us.
Believe me, because I will take the lead.