Monday, February 16, 2015

Congress must pass a BBL that does not undermine our Republic

Manila Times


ALL kinds of powerful international organizations and countries have sent messages to us Filipinos warning us that we must not FAIL to pass the Bangsamoro Basic Law.

The messages started pouring in when, as a result of the massacre by Moro Islamic Liberation Front armies of our PNP-SAF commandos who were on a law-enforcement mission to arrest internationally wanted terrorists, outraged congressmen and senators announced the withdrawal of their support for the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law.

The only foreign voice that said anything worthwhile to us Filipinos about the Mindanao peace process has been that of Pope Francis. All the words from abroad have been motherhood statements that reveal these foreign leaders’ ignorance of the complexities of the proposed move to create a new substate vested with autonomy, powers and a new form of governing in Mindanao that no other local government unit in our Republic possesses.

The words of the Holy Father were spoken more than a week before the Mamasapano massacre took place. He spoke these words in Malaca├▒ang, after BS Aquino gave his infamous welcome speech that was, instead, an unhappy and illwill-filled narrative of his personal and his family’s sufferings under the Marcos regime and a blistering and untruthful attack against the Catholic bishops. Aquino attacked the CBCP for not being supportive of him (a lie) and for being critical of his governance while (a big lie!) they all praised the Arroyo Administration.

Pope Francis said this about the Mindanao peace process. “I am confident that the praiseworthy efforts to promote dialogue and cooperation between the followers of the different religions will prove fruitful in the pursuit of this noble goal.

“In a particular way, I express my trust that the progress made in bringing peace to the south of the country will result in just solutions in accord with the nation’s founding principles and respectful of the inalienable rights of all, including the indigenous peoples and religious minorities.”

He alone, of the foreigners adding their two-cents’ worth to the difficult discussions on the Bangsamoro Basic Law, have seen it fit to say that the solutions to the problem of establishing peace in Mindanao must “accord with our nation’s founding principles.” This means there must not be any violation of our written Constitution and of our accumulated traditions and aspirations as a democratic republic. He is mindful that very many in our population in Mindanao hold Christian beliefs and folkways and some others, are Lumads, many of whom are animists and nature-worshipers.

The BBL cannot be the Palace and MILF ones

This is why the BBL that must be passed by Congress cannot be exactly the ones that the leadership of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, supported treasonously by B.S. Aquino and his people, wants. For both contain serious violations of the Constitution. They work against the mores of the majority of Filipinos.

It was nice and heartwarming, at the Senate hearing on Thursday, to hear MILF Peace Panel Chairman Mohagher Iqbal promise that he and his fellow MILF leaders are willing to accept that the Bangsamoro autonomous region or substate will continue to be part of the Republic of the Philippines. But that promise is not what we hear from MILF Central Committee Chairman Murad and other MILF stalwarts.

The BBL, if it will contain provisions insisting on—and not abjuring—the anti-Philippine Republic and unconstitutional statements and provisions of the Comprehensive Agreement on Bangsamoro and the Framework Agreement—which BS Aquino’s peace negotiators have signed with their MILF counterparts to the applause of the Foreign Powers and Malaysia—would be a dagger aimed at the heart of the Filipino nation.

It cannot be passed.

This means the MILF Central Committee would have to do as it has warned—that there will be war if it is a “watered down BBL” that comes out of Congress.

The MILF allies in our Congress, in the Aquino Administration and the Peace Panel have also given this warning to us Filipinos.

The management of our country’s affairs must swiftly be taken away from the hands of the traitors now in power—if we do not want our Republic to suffer the fate of the 44 Fallen Heroes of Mamasapano.

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