Tuesday, February 17, 2015

World War III Is Breaking Out And We’re Without A Leader

Obama’s weakness and unwillingness to take a stand against tyranny will lead us to another world war.
By L. Todd Wood  
Western Journalism
Barack-Obama.51Recently, Ukraine reinstituted the draft and started mobilizing a large number of troops to refresh battle-weary soldiers on the front lines in the East, where the fighting is raging. The pro-Russian rebels have stated they too are bringing their forces to 100,000 men.
We now have the first real shooting war between European countries since World War II. Think about that and consider the carnage the first two world wars caused.
Russia is pouring in armor, sophisticated weapons, and supplies to their proxy army against the West in East Ukraine. Their forces are expanding their territory and may be about to cement a land bridge to Putin’s newest enclave, the Crimean peninsula. Putin is also actively courting Eastern European countries that are part of the EU and coaxing them back into Russia’s orbit.
Greece and Hungary are two examples; their leaders have made strong pro-Russian statements recently. These two countries are also part of NATO. Think about that.
Now Obama is making noises about providing weapons. Don’t bet on it – it’s just a ruse.
The alliance which held the peace in Europe is crumbling. It is crumbling because America has abdicated her leadership role in Europe that has kept the peace on the continent for almost a century.
There is truth to the age-old maxim from Machiavelli: “It is better to be feared than loved.” What if Russia had understood very clearly that there would be significant costs to their intervention in Ukraine from the start? I think we would be seeing a much different outcome. Totalitarian governments only listen to one thing—power.
In the Middle East, our pathetic president has withdrawn all U.S. forces, after years of spent blood and treasure. It is a travesty. It is sickening.
Now we see ISIS taking over large parts of Iraq and Syria, executing thousands along the way. Our Dear Leader will not even call these people terrorists. Either he is living in some type of alternate reality, or allowing ISIS to take over the Middle East is his agenda. Again, I say, look at the results of his actions, not what he says.
In either case, we have a serious global security threat mushrooming in historically violent parts of the world. The United States is weak, absent, pathetic. The mainstream media may not want to call this president on these facts, but I will. We are witnessing the beginnings of World War III. They will write about this weakness in the history books one day as we are without a leader who can deal with the situation. I fear for my children.
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