Friday, March 6, 2015

Sunday for women and the FALLEN 44. Hail Bobby Murphy

WE have antitrust laws because “possession of unchallenged economic power deadens initiative, discourages thrift and depresses energy; that immunity from competition is a narcotic, and rivalry is a stimulant to industrial progress; that the spur of constant stress is necessary to counteract an inevitable disposition to let well enough alone.” – Judge Learned Hand.
I was reminded of this passage when I received a text on the “home-going” of Cefie Padua, 90, famed for his LAMP, Lawyers Against Monopoly and Poverty. As a Con-Con Delegate in 1971-72, he was among the Marcos Ban proponents, which martial law sank. We had to endure Macoy until 1986.
The monopolies and oligopolies continue with the big players enjoying the quiet life to the detriment of the public. That is how I see the biggies plotting to benefit themselves to the detriment of the public not benefiting from a competition for the better mouse trap. Art. 186 of the Revised Penal Code criminalizes combinations in restraint of trade; to my knowledge there has not been any successful prosecution thereunder. So I watch what will happen in the garlic cartel case.
My impression is that lawyers were absent when our version of the Sherman Act, feared in the US, was taught in law school. So few of us can tell a violation of it from a hole in the ground. (I audited a course in Economic Regulation in Harvard Law.)
Competition remains in pro golf. Padraig Harrington just won the Honda Classic in the second playoff hole. Rory McIlroy’s road to the Masters hit a speed bump last Friday in that Classic when the world’s reigning No. 1 headed home for the weekend after four-over 74. Lebron James missed two foul shots with seconds to go and his team lost to Houston by two points. Even the best are subject to Murphy’s Law, if anything can go wrong, it will.
But, even if PNoy authorized the Mamasapano operation, only the ground commander can best judge what should be done. Lebron’s coach can only go so far. And in warfare, as to what the foe will do, St. Loo Cardinal said that, in America, there is one word that says it all and that one word is you-never-know.
To get Osama Bin Laden, I would have seen nothing wrong in Obama getting convicted court-martialed Dirty Dozen to do the dirty job, which PNoy could have done in going after Marwan. More so of one merely suspended.
We are dealing with terrorists.
Removing Saddam anarchized Iraq, the well-meaning PNoy-Resign advocates should reflect on. He should stay the course.
“NPA rebels kill 5 soldiers in Ilocos Sur ambush.” PDI, Mar. 2, 2015, p. A3, col. 1. Immediately below it, P5.1 “Senate savings go to SAF 44 heirs.” What about the widows and orphans of the five slain soldiers? Senators, are they children of a lesser God?
Cops will march on Sunday from Cavite to Metro Manila for the gallant Fallen 44, whose families will get P100T each from three Metro Manila Mayors, let alone from other fund drives, cum free housing, schooling, medals, etc. A woman prisoner, 91, has just been released to reunite with her family in Kalinga, including her apo, a SAF commando who survived Masasapano. What about those five soldiers who will go unnamed, unwept, unhonored and unsung? What can we give them?
Sen. Koko Pimentel apparently believes that those to whom much is given, more should be given. He wants Manny’s $80M bonanza for his May 2 bout with Floyd Mayweather exempted from tax. But, the money may be better used to lessen the suffering of the families of many warriors who may be killed or disabled by rebels and criminal elements. But, these families do not berate PNoy and organize marches that may indicate a breakdown in non-Spartan discipline. Meantime, Manny Pacquiao can say to Koko, “no, thank you, but I’ll pay my taxes as my share of the price for a civilized society.”
In the Senate, I enabled women to enter the service by removing the sex requirement in a bicam conference meet, for entry into the Philippine Military Academy, where they have done very well. How many women were among the 44? But, their time will come.
In the French Parliament, a member perorated, “Mes amis, that is why we have to give women the right to vote, for after all, between men and women, there is but a little difference!” Whereupon the chamber cried in unison, “Vive la difference!”
I see why we will mark Sunday for women. I cannot, the march from Cavite however. A PNoy apology? What he said a month ago, to me, sufficed, that he took responsibility for the mission – that resulted in the reported killing of terrorist Marwan and the wounding of terrorist Usman. The buck stops with him, as the father of the nation. Communications Sec Sonny Coloma said: “Sa kanyang talumpati noong Pebrero 6, ipinahayag na ng Pangulo na bilang Ama ng Bayan at Commander-in-Chief, pasan niya ang responsibilidad para sa lahat ng nangyari na misyong ikinasawi ng SAF 44.”
The 44 elite commandos were killed when their operation to arrest two high-profile terrorist targets resulted in a clash with Muslims. They supposedly entered an MILF-controlled area to arrest Pinoy bomb-maker Usman and Malaysian terrorist Marwan.
As much as I admire Sonny, I wish Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa would be more visible. Little Prez. Stronger “arrive” or dating. I cannot recall the last public sighting of Paquito. Will he meet the marchers on Sunday? Be more visible. In our time, Panginoong Joker Arroyo, Ted Locsin and I regularly faced the press. More than once, I’d say, “hey, I am just the spokesman; I am not allowed to think.”
Seriously, when I gave Prez Cory serious advice, she’d laugh and laugh. But, when I’d tell her a joke, she’d implement it. Hence, we did not do any better. Of course the nine or so coups didn’t help.
Murphy’s Law. From the Internet, this vignette: Second World’s Youngest Billionaire at 25 is Fil-Am Bobby Murphy, co-founder of mobile app Snapchat per the latest list released by Forbes Mag for 2015. Snapchat co-founder Bobby Murphy now has a net worth of $1.5B. He ranked second in the world. His Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel ranked no. 1 in the world as the youngest billionaire at 24. Per Forbes, Bobby’s and Evan’s company Snapchat had received new funding offers at an eye-popping valuation of $19B!
Bobby graduated from Stanford and met fellow Kappa Sigma frat brod Evan in 2010. Bobby, with a degree in Math and Computational Science, is the son a Filipina mother. Women’s Month.

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