Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Prevarications of PNoy never end

Last of two parts
THE justification of the Chief Executive for excluding Deputy Director-General Espina, who is the Acting PNP Director, from the January 9 meeting is sadly saddled with psychotic mental dishonesty. Mr. Aquino stressed that the suspended PNP Chief was a “subject matter expert” in the hunt for dangerous terrorists. PNoy said Purisima had been briefing him on various police operations before his suspension as PNP Chief. (Inquirer, 23 March 2015).
“Allan would have to brief Director (sic) Espina, who was the understudy and had to catch up and then he (Espina) would brief me. (But) then I (could) have the guy who was on top of all this before,” President Aquino said.
However, it was Police Director Napeñas – and NOT Purisima, who later gave a briefing with his PowerPoint presentation on Operation Exodus. Hence, PNoy could have easily invited the Acting PNP Chief to the Malacañang meeting if he only really wanted to. That would have been the best way for Espina to get in the loop. But PNoy apparently did not really want Espina (and his boss Mar Roxas) to be in the loop. Why?
In his own words, the President said that Purisima attended the meeting “not to command or plan anything, but to help me understand what Napeñas and his people were talking about.” Thus, it would have been better for the Acting PNP Chief to be present in the meeting so that Espina could also help PNoy by knowing the details of Operation Exodus since he admits that he is not quick to understand what the SAF commander would be briefing him about.
Last Wednesday, the Inquirer published its third front-page report (three straight days) entitled “P-Noy Talks of Agony over Mamasapano” (written by Nikko Dizon) where “the Chief Executive unburdened himself.”
President Aquino revealed that he was “already annoyed (nabuwisit) at his friend,” Purisima. The president recalled there was a gap between his text exchange with Purisima on January 25 between 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. (seven hours!) because he was upset with his BFF (Best Friend Forever).
“There was a point I could no longer understand (his) text messages… Of course, he wasn’t there in the area so I need to get better information. (I was talking to) somebody who was very, very far from the action and who couldn’t give me the details that I needed to properly guide my actions.” There lies the problem: it was bad enough that PNoy was communicating to a person who was suspended, but was more than 1,000 kms away from Maguindanao!
President B.S. Aquino 3rd should not blame Purisima or Napeñas. He only has HIMSELF to blame since he created the problem by bringing in a suspended and discredited PNP Chief!
If PNoy had brought in Acting PNP Chief Espina during his January 9 meeting with Purisma and Napeñas in Malacañang, then he would be talking later to Espina and NOT Purisima!
Then the number of SAF casualties could have been greatly minimized especially with the 55th SAF Company whose 36 members were all slaughtered, except for one survivor.
DDG Espina is in a good position to coordinate with the AFP Chief of Staff General Gregorio Catapang since they were mistahs (batch mates of Class 1981) at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA). Espina refers to Catapang as “Bok” (term of endearment).
The speech of President B. S. Aquino 3rd at the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) last Thursday did NOT TELL ALL as he had promised in his exclusive interview with the Inquirer. All he did was to ask for “deepest understanding” and then he assumes “full responsibility” without divulging the details on what he is really responsible for!
The pathetic President once again criticized the official reports of the PNP Board of Inquiry (BoI) and the Philippine Senate for allegedly presenting “guesswork, instead of facts.” This after the BoI Chief Benjamin Magalong had stated that their findings were “statements of facts.” Senators Grace Poe and Francis Escudero also maintain that the Senate Report on the Mamasapano Massacre was “based on facts and not speculation” (Star, 27 March 2015).
President Aquino exclaims “with God as my witness, I tell you the truth.” The headline of the Inquirer yesterday was “ ‘I Swear I’m Telling the Truth.’ “ May the Good Lord have Mercy on PNoy’s psychological state of mind!

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