Tuesday, April 14, 2015

BBL is evil masking as ‘good’

In deciding what to do about the BBL we should keep in mind that “evil never presents itself as evil. It presents itself as good to confuse those who will make the choice.” But then who will decide what is evil and what is good in a democratic republic like the Philippines?
The answer is the people. This was posted in Bayanko’s FB page by Edmundo Razote-Roxas. He represents the opinion of the many in our country, not the few who have up today continue to usurp the authority of these many.
“Concerning BBL, since this will affect the future of the Republic and Mindanao, it is only right and fitting to call for a National Referendum and Plebiscite on the issue. It is not right to just put our entire Republic’s future to the opinions of a Consultative Panel and Congress of supporters and cronies of an apparently and/or allegedly lame duck and inutile dunce like Benigno Aquino III.
“I humbly ask Ms Carmen Pedrosa to please spearhead the call for a National Referendum and/or Plebiscite regarding BBL starting with her much acclaimed newspaper columns and a signature campaign.” (Thank you Edmundo but I am sure you mean Bayanko, not Carmen Pedrosa!) Here is the column.
“However I would immediately reject a signature campaign because like all signature campaigns in this country in the past, with a government hell-bent against honest votes or plebiscites, it will be marked by fraud and deceit and of course plenty of money to bribe voters for the desired result of  our masters masking as our government.”
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The alleged “good” of the BBL being peddled by the Aquino government is it will bring peace to Mindanao.  But through what way and for what purpose is it being carried out? Aquino says it will be as partners in peacemaking. He cites that adversaries can become friends, like the Philippines, the United States and Japan, once enemies who have now become friends.
 “Those who were once our enemies are today our partners in realizing a just peace for all,” referring to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), which has signed a peace agreement with the government.
“In coming together to foster stability in Mindanao, all the more are we able to widen the scope of opportunities available to our countrymen. In doing this, no one will be driven to join radical factions, terrorist groups, and others interested only in pursuing their selfish agendas,” Mr. Aquino said.
Well, that is the catch. There is enough evidence to demonstrate that the peacemaking Aquino is advocating about cannot be trusted or believed.
The Mamapasano massacre of some of our best fighters, 44 SAF so helplessly driven to their deaths, shows “the evil of this kind of peace process.”
It comes from the government’s own testimonies that the military were told to stand down and leave the men to die “for the sake of the  peace process.” The sequence and details of the massacre continue to be investigated and heard in Congress but there are enough evidence that we have a commander-in-chief who defied the chain of command. And worse he still would not take the responsibility for the deaths of his men even if he could have saved them or at least attempted to save them. What could be more evil than that?
That is the root of the public anger against President Aquino and the plunge in his ratings. We cannot have a leader so absolutely devoid of common sense and moral responsibility. It makes nonsense of his government’s alleged campaign against corruption and peace a mere siren song to bad government.
From former Supreme Court CJ Reynato Puno who is advising Bayanko on constitutional matters comes a good question.
“I do not understand why we are the ones who are scared and negotiating from a position of weakness. We are the State. If this will lead to war, if this is the price for defending the Constitution and preventing the dismemberment of the Republic, so be it.” His question was quickly answered. We may be the state but another state is involved. Malaysia’s role in broking the peace negotiations has been suspect since the beginning of the peace efforts.
There is reason to believe that the attacks of former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad on the Najib government should be looked into.
Straits Times article says that Najib and his close associates have been linked to big corruption scams. “Investigations are on-going in France of his kickbacks from submarine purchases and the subsequent murder of the Mongolian socialite. There are parallel investigations being conducted by other governments of secret bank accounts in Australia, Switzerland, and the British Virgin Islands,” it adds.
Ex-PM Mahathir has given us a good lead to the Najib-Aquino peace negotiations. He cites the corruption charges against Prime Minister Najib Razak. We should take his cue and look into his government’s brokering of the peace deal.
It may be more relevant than we think. Recently the Najib government sent the Malaysian defense minister to Manila to seek reassurances from President Aquino the peace deal will go through with the passage of the BBL. President Aquino is believed to have made firm commitments to the Malaysians.
The peace deal that will bring hundreds of billions of pesos from the Aquino government as windfall to the MILF. Is it  more than just a coincidence? And what are the interests of the Aquino government in pursuing a deal that is opposed by many Filipinos as being detrimental to the national interest?
In his widely read blog, Dr Mahathir wrote about Mr Najib’s alleged corruption in a submarine purchase and the still-unexplained 2006 murder of a Mongolian woman.
Ms Altantuya Shaariibuu, a Mongolian woman was a translator in the negotiations for the deal. She was killed in Malaysia in 2006 and her body blown up by military-grade explosives.
The motive for killing her was never established.
“People are asking who gave the orders,” Dr. Mahathir wrote.
He also raised questions over a state-owned investment company launched by Mr Najib. It has $11 billion of debt and numerous reports of alleged fraud and questions about hundreds of millions of dollars.
“This involves human lives. It would be cruel if (the bodyguards) die just for carrying out orders.” A Mongolian model might have been killed to silence her and 44 SAF soldiers left to die in Mamapasano. All for the sake of peace? See what I mean by evil masquerading as “good.”

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